The cover of TMNT #1

The cover of TMNT #1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ADHDcast EPISODE XII – Ataris, Legos and Bagels, Oh My!

Great. Much though you have been dreading it, time has come to slap y’all with yet another… ADHDcast!

Let your spine be tingled by D. the Deejay, Garrett Williams, John Waynick, Brandi Shade, and Aedylon Issyrol taking time out of their not-so-busy schedules to record their awful discussions about the Ballad of Chicken Nugget, John doing cartwheels, muffin stumps, Nelson Mandela, Nightwing: Earth One, crowdfunding away your old van, Man Of Steel versus Snuffaluffagus, Star Trek: Into Brightness?, Doctor Who: the early years, lost episodes of Animaniacs, Canadians, Elvis eating Nelson Mandela while he’s living inside a waffle (Nelson, not Elvis), the Nexus 7 tablet, a girl with a Lego leg, illegal peas, Rocko the wallaby falling into cleavage, reclaiming land, Xbox One again, which gamepad/controller had the best design, Windows 8, what you get from the Navy, new versus old comic book movies, the villains of Smallville, fashion in Logan’s Run, the youngest female Arab doctor in Qatar, forgetting your mother’s birthdate, how TV volume increases with one’s age, the dilemma of leaving to use the bathroom while at the cinema, singing the Ducktales theme in multiple languages, the plethora of WB cartoons in the early 90s, something to the effect of Doug, mac ‘n’ cheese, the transference of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles copyrights, bagel dispensers, sexy Post-It notes, chickens wielding swords, bloatware, the Holy Way of YouTube, Tom Jane being the most awesome Punisher ever, Ron Perlman being the ONLY Hellboy ever, Keaton versus Conroy, the 30-year anniversary of the dumping of truckloads of Atari E.T. cartridges, apps, and Aedylon with sports!

Before we give up the ghost, let’s roll out the cred carpet:

  • Most of the *free* music utilized in this podcast can be found on [by Blackberry, Lenaid, Brioskj, John Novak, and Island Near The Clouds].
  • The songs “Bee’s Bagel Honey” by Atari Aria, as well as two renditions of “Suddenly” by GiGi Fouquet, were used with permission from the artists. Go give them all money NOW
  • How’s my quality? Aside from the noisiness of John’s daughters at the beginning, I like to think it’s steadily improving. Any questions/suggestions/comments can be submitted to diadae at mail dotkom (that’s an email address I’m spelling out phoenetically to avoid spammbotz), or posted in comments on this blog post. Even if you have audio questions or comments, go right ahead; I can splice them in. This includes questions for any guests, which I’ll bring up next time they’re on the show (if ever… though it’s likely they will be).
  • Don’t forget that you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch VIDEO versions of the interviews! (WARNING: the clips are unedited and will likely take longer to watch than the audio-only versions that I condense down into my podcast releases.)
  • This podcast is NSFW for language and crude humor.
  • This episode clocks in at 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  • ADHDcast is released under Creative Commons.

It’s your funeral, so you have a choice of these three luxurious caskets:

ADHDcast Episode 12 Zip files: (mp3) (m4a) (ogg) … and (one long mp3)

And we’re done here. Unfortunately, there will likely be another one next Monday, so let that be a black cloud on your horizons over the coming week. Later!



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