Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ADHDcast EPISODE XVI – Craburrito

Already sick of Monday? 10-4 on that! Let’s ride out with… ADHDcast!

Breaker, breaker – it’s D. the Deejay, barrelling down the pike with Garrett the Ferret, Shady Brandi, Johnny “Warthog” Waynick, and Good Buddy Aedylon. We’ll be passing a multitude of interesting sights, including open-source woowoowoo, You Can’t Do That On Television, Aedylon sounding like Butthead, Galaga versus Macross, the plight of the North American craburrito, space Nazis, Garrett & Garrett Go To Taco Bell, waffles being ruined, InuYasha, movies with “2000” in the title, Aedylon’s nuts, Japanese Export (again), what John wants from happy, throwing a shoe at Aedylon, Garrett’s nipple being an attention whore, KoRn’s new album, crappyapp, (f)utilities, multiplying Garretts, twerking it, merging of universes, getting one’s “flight column” stuck in the air conditioner, going back to university and other plans for the future, The Ice Brandi Cometh, multiple varieties of strip clubs, a nice cup of warm twerk, Wiki Deli, Spatula City, Macross: Do You Remember Love, anime licensing and decline in craftsmanship, Choose Your Own Adventure books,, getting Lasik for purposes of lab work, lists of “top 50 blah blah blah”, charades, surfing/twerking bird, dyselxia, army-related jobs, the Fayetteville flies, defecating in chartreuse, intensive Swahili programs, pressing the seat eject button, explosions of monitors, splitters, making fun of crying children, blueberry chicken, condiment wars, Michaelangelo’s Pizza Taste Test Challenge, Aedylon looking like Anjin-san from Shogun, suburban wildlife, the Ninja Gaiden series, getting a free meal at a Japanese teppanyaki steakhouse, traffic cops, marihoochie, truncating silence (or “toon-caking salad”, alternately), how to bumble your way through podcasting, Smart cars looking like gumdrops, buying sexy manatees, i c wut u did thar, e-cloves, Canadian climate, payment in beer, hearing balls, exit 69 to Johnson, the difference between “rape” and “fire”, paparazzi, work-related boobies, getting up in Brandi’s ass, and the latest air-type Pokemon.

Before we get underway, you really ought to visit this rest stop and browse through some credits in the vending machine:

  • Most of the *free* music utilized in this podcast can be found on [by MigloJE, Mikael Fyrek, and SpeaK], and also Mindphaser and Can’t Buy My Pride, located at
  • The song “Ciao Bella” was used with generous permission by the ravishing and powerful Bif Naked. Go give her all the money NOW
  • For those of you who were interested, here’s a link to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cinemassacre Pizza Taste Test. Also, that Call Me Shirley generator.
  • Any questions/suggestions/comments can be submitted to diadae at mail dotkom (that’s an email address I’m spelling out phoenetically to avoid spammbotz), or posted in comments on this blog post. Even if you have audio questions or comments, go right ahead; I can splice them in. This includes questions for any guests, which I’ll bring up next time they’re on the show (if ever… though it’s likely they will be).
  • Don’t forget that you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch VIDEO versions of the interviews! (WARNING: the clips are unedited and will likely take longer to watch than the audio-only versions that I condense down into my podcast releases.)
  • This podcast is NSFW for language and crude humor.
  • This episode clocks in at just under 2 hours and 18 minutes.
  • ADHDcast is released under Creative Commons.

Hitch up your rig to any of the following three trailers:

ADHDcast Episode 16 Zip files: (mp3) (m4a) (ogg) … and (one long mp3)

Looks like we got us a convoy!


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