ADHDcast #001: Episode Zeer-OH!

 You are about to enter a dimension of space and time. Too much free time. Prepare to step out of the realm of sanity and into…

Episode I: Episode Zeer-OH!

I’m D. the Deejay, and that’s not all! Call now and I will also be Steve, or Rusty, or anybody else you want! Operators are standing by!  Here at ADHDcast, our motto is, “Could you repeat that? You must have been kidding the first time.”

Infrequently Asked Questions (as in, never):

Who is D. the Deejay? Beyond this podcast, I also write books and occasionally try to draw. Defintely better at the former versus the latter. My day job (which no, I will not be quitting) is pretty standard office work, and I almost never bring it up, so don’t worry.  I spend a lot of time watching movies and TV shows both foreign and domestic, reading books and comics, listening to a rather eclectic selection of music, and once in a while I pick up a video game (though not nearly as often as I’d like to). One time, I made it to the semifinal round in a local bar trivia tournament, but for some reason the tournament fizzled before the finals could be held. Uhh, yeah.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is this and why are you here? Good question!  I don’t know, either! The most important thing to know about ADHDcast is that there’s nothing to know; it’s me and my friends babbling and embracing our geekiness. Ever have a long conversation about the merits of Robotech versus the original Macross and Macross Plus, or wonder which Star Trek movies you need to see and which one you can skip? (Spoiler: It’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Just… don’t bother.) This is what that is, except we recorded it because… well, because INTERNETS.  Occasionally, I adhere to a more formal interview format, but most of the time I just get three or four of us together, list off a couple of topics, and then forget what the topics are completely.

THIS INSTALLMENT, however, is a little different – hence the “Episode Zero” dealio. Here, I explain a little bit about myself and what ADHDcast is, and then inundate you with clips from episodes 1-25, with a little fresh commentary from yours truly. It’s about half the length of my usual podcasts, and my hope is that it will serve as a handy “primer” for what’s to come. That way, those who think they might like it will definitely know for sure, and those who wouldn’t… well, I think it’s ample warning.

If you’re a regular listener and you’re disappointed that it’s just a bunch of old crap, don’t despair! Toward the end, there are a few clips of brand new, never-before-released material! Oh boy, bonus content!

A little credit is in order for this, because no man is an island, so here’s that and a few important points:

  • Not just one, but LOTS of music tracks in this episode provided by id Submerged, Data Rebel, and Sebastien Marchal, which can be downloaded for the low, low price of freeeeee from Kahvi Collective.
  • The songs “King Of Karma” by the straight-edginest Bif Naked, as well as “Improbability of Salvation” by Jordan Martyr, are used with their generous permission.
  • Clips are used from other episodes, featuring guests such as Aedylon Issyrol, Amy Z. Sulam, Brandi Shade, Garrett Williams, John Waynick, Joseph Wilhelms, Mark Stantz, Zacharey Hollingshead, Tom Schalk, Steve Schalk, and the elusive Mr. Scar.
  • Any questions/suggestions/comments can be submitted to diadae at mail dotkom (that’s an email address I’m spelling out phoenetically to avoid spammbotz).  Even if you have audio questions or comments, go right ahead; I can splice them in.  It’ll be fun!
  • This podcast is slightly NSFW due to language and suggestive dialogue.
  • Today’s pseudo-episode clocks in at 1 hour and 5 minutes.
  • ADHDcast is released under Creative Commons.

That stuff out of the way, below you will find links to download the pregame show:

ADHDcast Episode Zeer-OH! (mp3)  (m4a)  (ogg)

YAYAH! Mission: accomplished! Prepare to rock out with my full episodes in the future! Until then, they call me…


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